A project begins as plans are examined in detail by a project manager and is budgeted by our estimating staff. Our project manager will follow a job through from estimating to completion and billing. With an approved estimate, our draftsmen generate millwork drawings and a cut list (assisted by CAD/CAM systems that can translate drawings directly into CNC machine code). Every operation from sawing and laminating through joining, finishing and installation is accounted for Shop drawings, together with finished veneer and solid samples, are then submitted for customer sign-off. Before the first cuts are ever made, any aspects of design requiring special attention are identified and resolved. The key to success for each project is the selection and matching of materials. Integral to that process is veneer lay-up. Usually hand selected from a single flitch of wood, we lay-up veneer on our own veneer press custom built to Bernhard specifications. Producing our own veneer panels allows us to balance the grain, burl, texture and color of each panel to bring out the characteristic beauty of each wood species.

Our highly automated machining department with its many types of CNC equipped saws, joiners, routers and sanders is where a project begins to take on recognizable form. We grind our own molding knives, and with more than 500 in stock, our multi-head molder can mill almost any profile. Other advanced equipment includes an edge-bander to laminate finished edges onto stock, a V-groover, veneer edge-gluers and stitchers, automated planers and more.

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