The reputation Bernhard Woodwork, Ltd. has gained throughout the years is reflected in our understanding of the effects that can be achieved with stains, lacquers, enamels and urethanes. Dedicated finishing facilities and systems together with patience and skill guarantees the beauty of your finished project.

Our custom-engineered, German-built, water-wash filtered finishing system always operates at peak efficiency. This eliminates the maintenance required by dry filter systems where efficiency unavoidably drops-off during use, resulting in unhealthy working conditions, surface contamination and poor finish quality. Our computerized, three-zone oven with automated conveying line achieves high quality finishes by keeping conditions within pre-programmed, optimal parameters. Programmable for all current (and anticipated) EPA-compliant, water-based finishes, our three-zone oven can achieve hard, durable finishes without the use of volatile organic compound-based solvents (VOCs). Work pieces come out of the oven sag and dust free.

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